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Who Needs Cable. . .

. . . With

The Tree Top Antenna Guy



When we left Los Angeles, Cali and I decided to simplify and trim our budget. Part of that was no cable television. We don't really watch much except for our Sunday evening dose of the X-Files.

Well it didn't matter if we wanted cable.It's not available on our secluded road. Fine. There's an antenna in the tree. How it got there only God knows. It's got to be a mile high.

Now check this out. Inside the house we have a control box that actually rotates the antenna. Poor birds can't get any sleep!

Lately we've been getting poor reception. We even missed a new X-FILES. Ouch! We noticed the antenna wasn't moving. What were we to do? We contemplated buying a satelite dish. Definitely not a budget cutback. But, we need our X-files.

So, Cali looked in the phone book. She found Ted Cowden, The Tree Top Antenna Guy. Ted informed us, not God, that he was the individual who installed it some years back.

As you can see,Ted scaled the mighty, mile high Pine tree. He discovered that the remote box was infested with ants. X-files hating ants! He replaced the box and repelled back to earth.

This happened last Friday. Can you guess what we saw with perfect picture clarity last Sunday night at 9:00pm?

Ted, I hope you enjoy the pictures, and have a sense of humor. Thanks for the fix and excitement. I'm truly impressed.

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