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Yogini Brook

I first met Brook in late August last year at Earth Song, a vegetarian restaurant we frequented quite often. She was our waitress. She always had a huge smile, would kneel down to chat for awhile and play with Andie Rose. As eating became more difficult for me, Brook would have my meal blended, without a question.

Well, even knowing it's a small world, we were still surprised when my physical therapist, Barbara, told us that Brook was her daughter.

Brook is currently a senior at Nevada Union High School. During the month of January, she completed an extensive Yoga Teacher Certification Program at the Expanding Light at nearby Ananda. The above picture is from her training.

The 'cartoon' styled effect from a photograph is something that I have been experimenting with and developing. I really like it, so there will definitely be more like this. I must acknowledge Christopher Dante Romano's Dreamboy cartoons as an inspiration for my style, in particular the use of bright, flat colors. His work has been displayed in a NY animation festival and Mtv. Dreamboy is funny, but definitely warped.

Brook and Chris, thank you both for being yourselves and being part of my life. Om. Peace. Amen.

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