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It's a Girl! It's a Boy! Last month, two of my friends, who are friends with eachother, increased the size of their families, just 8 days apart. Steve'Made Ya Look' Martin and wife, Heidi, welcomed their second child,Alexis (left), born 6/18/98 at 5:58am. Alexis shares her birthday with 56 year old movie critic Roger Ebert and musician Paul McCartney, and 46 year old actresses Carol Kane and Isabella Rossellini. On 6/26/98 at 9:46 pm, Christian Alexander (right) arrived to Ana and Wayne Marcy, my childhood, lifelong friend. Christian celebrates his birthday with the late, great black & white film star Peter Lorre, cycling legend Greg LeMond (37), actor Chris O'Donnell (28), and Yankee shortstop Derek Jeter (24). Congratulations to all the proud parents and welcome to the two beautiful angels, Alexis and Christian.


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