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Andie's Big Comfy Couch

Andie Rose's favorite television show is PBS' "The Big Comfy Couch", starring Loonette the Clown and her doll, Molly. Andie received a Molly doll for christmas from her cousins because they thought Molly looked like Andie Rose. Well, Molly is practically glued to Andie's hand. She goes everywhere - shopping, to the potty, and of course, to bed. Because I'm a captive audience, I get stuck, oh um, am fortunate to watch a lot of The Couch, repeatedly on video. My personal favorite characters are Major Bedhead, the unicycling, clown courier, and the Dust Bunnies, a pair of ratty looking furballs who live under the couch. Andie received the Dust Bunnies for her birthday, and are even rattier in person. Well, as you can see, there's plenty of room on The Couch, so hop on up and join us.


from the prisoner within

I want to start with 2 Thank You's. 1 - to everybody who reads this. I not only let you in my head but mostly I receive a therapeutic release by opening up. 2 - to my good friends, old and new, for the email support. And I'm happy to report that my stomach, spirits and thoughts are all doing much better.

Dreams. After last week's solemn column,(funny, huh?), I thought that I'd share some of my daily daydreams and imagery.

1. Bicycling with DJ, my friend, beside the Pacific Ocean, along the beach bike path in Playa del Rey. I'm wearing old sneakers, low white sox, sexy(ha!) black bike shorts, old t-shirt, and red bandana on my head, (pirate/Aunt Jemima style), with my mid-back long hair in a ponytail, fingerless black gloves and reflective Terminator style sunglasses. Riding my green, 21 speed with the wind in my face, DJ on one side, the waves on the other and occasionally an airplane taking off overhead. Ride like the wind!

2. Playing with my daughter, Andie. Reading to her during the day while hanging out and at bedtime. Walking and holding hands down the street. Tickle her belly. Kiss her. Tell her "I love you" in my own voice. Grab her under the arms, lift her up, over my head, then pull her to my chest, wrap my arms around her little body and hug like there's no tomorrow. Taking naps on the couch together, with her in my arms. Basically, doing Dad stuff.

3. Eating. Pizza, especially from Vic's in Bradley Beach, NJ. The best thin crust pizza around. Thai food from LA and Chinese from the East Coast. Japanese vegetable tempura, and sushi vegetable rolls with avocado, carrot, cucumber rolled inside fresh white sticky rice with a thin enclosure of seaweed, dipped in soy sauce with a dab of spicy wasabe. A Mexican burrito jammed with black beans, rice, creamy guacamole, chopped tomato, a little lettuce, and some fresh chunky salsa for dipping. A crisp, fresh salad from Johnee's in Marina del Rey. Piled high with Romain lettuce, juicy tomatoes, green pepper rings, sliced red onion, kidney and garbonzo beans, topped off with a zesty Italian dressing. Pasta - ziti with marinara sauce, linguini with pesto, and angel hair with oil & garlic. French fries. Cool, wet watermelon. Homemade pancakes with fresh strawberries and maple syrup drizzled on top. Pink lemonade. Mmm Mmm!

4. Walking, running, talking, standing, stretching, dressing, sleeping on my sides and belly, showering, and wiping my own ass, (Amen!)

Well, thanks for listening to my Thoughts.


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