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Van Go

Our new van was delivered about a week and a half ago. It's a 1989 Dodge conversion with a hydraulic lift, manual tie-downs, awesome stereo/speaker system, tv/vcr, portable camode, captain's chairs, carpeting and a bench seat that folds out into a bed. Cali's looking for the final touch: A bumper sticker saying "If this van's a rockin', don't bother knockin'."

The van arrived around 2:30. Because of never a using lift, tie-downs and the unusually large new power wheelchair, it took over an hour, with 3 people, to figure out how to maneuver me in without hitting my head, and finally locking me into place. After Cali finished some final paper work with the salesman, we decided to go for a spin. Andie was in her car seat with Kathy, my nurse, beside her, and Carolyn at the helm. It was almost 4:15. Kathy put a video in to try out the vcr and keep Andie occupied. We heard the tape but saw no picture. Oh well, worry about it later. We headed down our dirt road. It was an extremely bumpy 1/2 mile with a finale of my head flopping like a rag doll completely off the wheelchair head rest as we turned onto the paved road. Kathy fixed my head and we continued our drive. We went about 3 miles to a major intersection and decided to turn around.(Kathy leaves at 5:00) As we turned around, something was wrong. FLAT TIRE! Cali pulled into the town's public works vehicle station. One man was luckily still there. He jacked up the van while Cali unlocked the spare cover. But the spare was also locked. She didn't have a key for that one! The man kindly took the flat to a service station to get repaired...We got back home at 5:30. So, there's some changes and repairs needed before I go traveling again.

It's a really good van that will help me get out and interact with the outside world again. It will be nice. Maybe even see a movie. A special 'Thanks' to our dear friends who helped us afford our new wheels.


from the prisoner within

Review. The past few weeks have been interesting. Of course the van incident stands out, (see above). I was contacted via email by my college alma mater, Seton Hall University. The alumni relations department is interested in writing a small article about me. I'm excited and flattered. I will keep you posted. (Thanks Pete!) As you may notice, I figured out how to incorporate audio into this page. It was hard to get the html code to work correctly for all the major web browsers, but it's extremely rewarding to get it accomplished. I just love computers! I hope you enjoy it. I have also been helping out Rj Cooper, maker of my keyboard and clicking software, by beta testing a computer game he's developing. It's called Wheels, and is based on the popular game Marathon. This version is specifically produced for people with disabilities. I couldn't play an action game because I can't use a conventional keyboard and mouse to move, open doors, shoot a gun, etc. Wheels allows me to play using my headmouse for everything and get absorbed in the game without any loss of game play. It's geared for various input devices and mainly for kids. The violence factor is also turned way down. I like it, and RJ. He really helps out and cares about people.

Thanks again for listening to my Thoughts.


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