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You Lookin' At Me?

Here's a few pictures taken recently. Above, me and Andie hanging out. Below is Andie ready for her first day of pre-school at Tiny Pines and an evening bath in the kitchen sink while eating some take-out and watching tv.


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from the prisoner within

Fall. Autumn is here alright. The weather's turning from cool to cold. It's hard to believe Summer's way gone. I react so differently with each season for the last year and a half. The Summer's heat causes breathing difficulties and drains me. The Winter's cold causes joint stiffening and teeth chattering. I do best during Spring and Fall when it's 'just right' for a while So, I've been watching the leaves turn color and fall, along with Pine needles, acorns and Pine cones. Listening to the last two hitting the deck and roof, especially at night, is an interesting sound to get used to. Fall also brings the fun holiday of Holloween. I'm currently planning on going out with Cali to watch Andie participate in her first 'Trick or Treat' fest. Maybe, if my power wheelchair modifications are done in time, I too will dress up: Either as Captain Pike, from the very first episode of the original Star Trek series or Superman. (Oh come on, it's funny. You can chuckle.)

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Everyone Says I Love You

Primary Colors

A Perfect Murder

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Madaline and the Easter Bonnet

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 Me saying "Thank you" 10/19/98

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I will update this web page in 2 weeks on November 9.

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