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Monday, August 17, 1998------http://www.jps.net/berman ---------FREE

Digital Polaroids

Here are some polaroids for your viewing pleasure. I hope you enjoy what develops.


from the prisoner within

Dreams. My friend, Steve, emailed me this, "You know, Indians preceive day dreams as visions of events to come..." I know now. Thanks.

Frustration. Typing is so frustrating for me. Literally, hen pecking with my head is so slow and tedious. I have words, phrases and thoughts all in a huge, multi-lane, super highway traffic jam waiting to get out through a narrow, exact change toll booth. I'm thankful to have the ability to type but it's still frustrating. Because of this, I procrastinate emailing, writing and even this web page. So I end up surfing around the Net or something with mindless clicking. If only I could download my brain!

Thanks again for listening to my Thoughts.

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We wish Happy Birthday to:

Elaine Berman - August 16

Patrick Lynn - August 16

Bela Brozsek - August 17

Lisa Mullarkey - August 18

Belated Happy Birthday to:

Sarah Mullarkey - August 8

Maryann Nester - August 11

Happy 10 Year Anniversaries to:

Haskell & Elaine Berman - August 13

Tom & Beth Connolly - August 20

Happy Third Anniversary to:

Rob & Tracy Dressel - August 19


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