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Were You Fooled? :

A Behind The Scenes Look

So, honestly, did you believe the Andie Rose / Titanic picture was real? My good friend emailed me: "That toy is funny...what does it do???????Take on water and pump it out????????????????? It's amazing what you can buy these days." I replied that I had fooled her again. It was another artistic fake image.I don't think she liked finding that out. Here's her reply: "I NEVER< EVER considered myself gulliable..........I thought it could be real...I bet they do have one or is it just wishful thinking. I have to keep
in mind that you are a computer expert!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wonder if anyone else thought it was real? Please don't say 'Just you and
(name omitted to protect the innocent)!"....then I'd really be upset! " Well, I think many of you didn't even question it. Thanks. So I decided to give you a peak into how it was done.

Here's the original photograph. Carolyn got a new camera and accidentally took a landscape picture. It's a huge photo. I loved it and wanted to use it somehow. I didn't know what to do just yet, so I filed the image in my mind.

A few weeks later, while watching "Titanic" on video the idea hit me. I thought about grabbing a frame from the video but it was hard to find the exact image. So, I went surfing. I eventually found an official site with frames to download.Now it was time to work. I painted out the background to isolate the ship, flipped it's direction, rotated and repositioned it, and altered the color to help it blend into the tub scene better .

The solid colored background makes it easy to distinguish the perimeter of the ship so I can cut it out and paste it on the original. Uh oh! Where's Andie Rose? I need to fix this problem.

To remedy this, I made a copy of the original of Andie and painted out the background. Again, I easily cut the image from the solid color background and pasted it onto the ship covering Andie. I then added some bubbles to the ship's stern and bow to complete the picture. Presto!

Joining Andie Rose in the tub above, starting from the left, are Patrick, Sarah, Robert, and a good friend of mine. Hey you kids, you're not supposed to wear your clothes in the tub!


from the prisoner within

Nasal detour. I usually start work on the web page the Saturday before it's published, giving me two days to finish. Unfortunately, on Saturday the 12th, I had a runny nose. Along with a stuffy head thru Tuesday, I couldn't use the computer. Even after I was feeling better, I noticed my drooling had increased. (Wonderful!) If I don't keep my mind aware of it I accidentally gag and choke. Just another annoying problem to deal with while concentrating on typing.

Nursing detour. As I was feeling better by the end of the week, I was swamped with training 3 new home health aids in the 4 days from Friday the 18th to Monday the 21st. Training a new person is tiring because I have to type a lot to communicate because they do not yet understand my moans and eye gestures. Compound this by 3 and cram it all back to back to understand why I missed another Monday deadline.

Decisions. I've been thinking about some serious issues, discussed here earlier, for quite a while. I finally came to some decisions. Since I don't really know how to "legalize" these wishes because I can't sign my name anymore,I figure that sharing them with you and publicly posting this would suffice. Here's the first one.

Although I feel confident in my recovery process, I have decided that if I happen to slip back and continue to progress, I do not want to get a tracheotomy to assist in breathing. I feel that having a ventilator breathe for me is something I would be unable to ever reverse. I don't just want to be alive, trapped inside a shell, constantly connected to machinery. I want to live life, not be a voyeur. My goal is full recovery, which I feel is still attainable in my present condition. I put all my faith in God's hands.

Breaktime. I apologize for missing the past 2 week's postings but I'm going to do it again. I need some time to do other things like: researching and emailing nerve regeneration developers, get modifications done on new power wheelchair to make it comfortable, type up various instructions for new nurses, see doctor, figure out how to add audio and video to web page, go for a ride in our new van, and watch movies. Please browse the archives while I'm away. I just finished a month of designing, programming, and uploading all the past web pages. (See below)So, I will see you October 19.

Thanks again for listening to my Thoughts.


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